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It was a beautiful early summer's day, as full of excitement the band arrived at the Anniversary Venue on the afternoon of 20th May to rehearse for the evening ahead. The accoustic in the Central Hall of Darlington's Dolphin Centre soon filled with the majesty of brass, and all we needed after that was for the room to be filled with people...

And filled with people it was! From well before 7.00 they started to gather, rapidly occupying the chairs and bringing with them a buzz of expectation which couldn't fail to communicate to the band, lurking nervously back stage and ready to go on.

From the first drum roll of "God Save the King" in an innovative arrangement right up to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody", we aimed to give our audience a night of music which moved, thrilled and sizzled, and if what we served was a feast we sprinkled the mix with epicurean delights from our guest soloist, Richard Marshall, who's beautiful sound will still resonate in that hall long after the summer is over.

And we were proud to present "Matchday" by our very own Mr Ian Robinson, a brand new and specially commissioned piece which told the story of the band's historic involvement with The Quakers, Darlington's football team, back in the 1950's and '60's, which referenced everything from geese in the town centre to "Sports Report" on the BBC Light Programme.

We were staggered at the end by the tremendous volume of applause and ovation, and we'd hope that  the generations of musicians who over the course of 150 years have given so much to our band might be looking in on us from the ether and nodding their approval.


From the 1800's, through the 1900's and into the 2000's: Our Sound Across Centuries.

As well as our thanks going to Richard Marshall, we'd also like to thank Peter Barron for being our incomparable compere.

And thanks are also due to the staff of the Dolphin Centre for hosting us, to Creative Darlington, Geneva Instruments, and the Borough Council for their support, and to Councillor Anne-Marie Curry, the Right Worshipful Mayor of Darlington, and to Baroness Jenny Chapman and to Councillor Jim Garner who joined us as our guests of honour.


And we'd also like to thank Alderson & Sons, Butchers; Changes Hairdressers; Gemma Fennell Hair; Robineau Cafe and Patisserie; and Cockerton Fisheries for their very generous contributions to our selection of raffle prizes.


Finally, and as always, a huge thank you to our friends and supporters who do us so proud, so often, and remind us that being Darlington's brass band is such a privilege. 


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